Metadata Working Group 2: Metadata Standards and Best Practices

Title: Metadata Working Group 2:  Metadata Standards and Best Practices
Session leader: Marc McGee
Overview of standards
Institutional practices
Best practices guide
OGP  Thesaurus?
Metadata creation tools

Overview of OGP Institutions Metadata Practices [Google doc]:

OGP Metadata Creation Page:

Tufts Metadata Editing Guide:

Tufts Controlled Vocabulary Tracking Spreadsheet:
and guide:

Session notes:

Metadata standards & best practices

  • Metadata creation guide and metadata resources on the ogp website
  • Governance follow-up
    • Marc made edits
    • Notify mark of voting member
    • Volunteer to be a coordinator
  • Priorities of the group
    • Requirements to make something sharable (our metadata is specific to our institution)
      • We should follow at least the core elements and/or encoding standard
      • Agree on key fields (specificity of attributes, etc.)
    • Review best practices periodically
    • Help create toolkit
      • We may provide documentation or advise
  • Our guides could have an impact on communities other than academic institutions
  • Should we ask vendors for key fields when we purchase data?
    • Can be subset of best practices document
    • Sometimes institution gives the metadata back to a vendor
  • Collection-level records
    • Should we create them? What is a collection? How can we do this in the metadata?
  • Marc will ask for participants in task groups when he sends out governance documents


Action Items

  • Create clearinghouse of documentation (institutional practices)
  • Create general best practices guide that is content related (i.e. conventions for titles, encoding standards, access constraints, key fields)
    • Contribute to metadata toolkit
    • Need guide for fgdc and iso
    • Marc and mods
    • Template for vendor to complete
  • Identify/create thesauri
    • Theme key words, geographies
  • De-duplicate records (create unique ID)
    • Use thesauri to update older records if there are name changes, etc.
  • Share style sheets
  • Blog
  • Contribute to institutional overview spreadsheet on google doc
  • Form task groups to address the things above