Metadata Toolkit

Open Metadata Toolkit
Alpha Release: 10/1/2015
Tufts has acquired funding to develop an open source metadata clearinghouse toolkit: a cloud-based, light weight metadata authoring environment.  Our goal is to provide rapid guided metadata authoring. The site will employ controlled vocabularies from the Library of Congress API and the OGP thesauri. It will also facilitate the import and export of geospatial metadata records from the OGP cloud of metadata (currently around 80,000 metadata records). It will also provide a crosswalk to/from multiple metadata formats. It is being developed in collaboration with GeoCat, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley and others. The project’s code repository is hosted on github.

OGP Metadata Toolkit Specifications Meeting 1/29/2014

OGP Metadata Tooklit Summit Presentation

OGP Summit Metadata Toolkit Session Notes