Developer Working Group 1: Governance

Developer Working Group 1:  Governance
Session Leader(s): Steve McDonald and Chris Barnett
Background & Agenda:
Formalization of DWG
Roles of membership
Code submission process
Establish goals for summit

The draft governance document is at

Session notes:

CLA: Garey expressed that there would be difficulty getting a CLA signed from Berkeley. Agreed to push the decision/discussion to the SG.

Technical lead: a person who takes point in a technical area; task group

Contribution/reasons for code in proposal

Suggestion to track tasks/priority internally within the DWG.  To be reconciled with the SG list.

For the first couple of months all will start as Contributers.  Move to Committer on pull request. Thereafter?  (need to decide) straight majority vote? consensus

semi-regular meetings.  monthly? transparency


Action items:

Continue to hammer out details

Timeline for draft of governance doc by end of conference

add all to developer’s list