Metadata Toolkit Notes

Desired functions:

  • Vocabulary reconciliation tools [for different thesauri]

  • Bulk/batch metadata editing [targeting metadata sections]  specific fields?  Could be anything

  • Combined with Harvester? Advantageous for metadata quality triage

    • first step toward de-duplication

    • seeing what metadata already exists

    • deriving records becomes indicator of duplicate, feed back to solr

  • Auto-completion tools

  • What happens to un-editable elements?  Preserved

  • Templates for institutions to apply

  • Access to services

  • Governance? Decoupled from OGP?

    • separate, simple, reusable in other contexts, broader applications

  • Excel based batch upload – Ladybird

  • Incorporating linked data, ISO has support for relating records

  • Call for test users and possible development partners with Tufts